Oculus Cipher®

Simple and accurate.

A smartphone-based ocular malaria (cerebral malaria)
diagnostic tool.

Simplicity and Accuracy

Simplicity of Setting

Infusion of Accuracy

Features of Cipher

Features of

Cipher can be used by all; professionals , physicians in training  and non-professionals.

Contact Information

Contact information

Cipher «MicroFuse Technologies, LLC»
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Lagos, Nigeria.
5A Babatope Bejide Crescent, Lekki Phase 1

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Cipher Overview

Cipher - Overview

Malaria is declining in Africa overall but there is considerable uncertainty around reported estimates. — In some areas, the burden has remained unchanged or incresed;  However, sustaining the gains in malaria control is a major challenge for elimination.

Cipher is a tool that enables you diagnose and detect cerebral malarial retinopahty with a smartphone. This would be of imense help not just in urban settings but also in remote areas where it could just be a split-second decision to treat a child for malaria or consider other causes of illness which could be life-threatening as well.

With Cipher, we are one step closer to eradicating malaria morbidity and mortality especially in children under 5 years of age.

Simplicity of Setting

Simplicity of Setting

Oculus Cipher® is built around patient comfort — and with resource scarce settings in mind;  imbued with the hopes of improving telemedicine.

Wheather in an urban area or a remote setting, Cipher is readily available for use without having to worry about complex machinery and equipment often requiring either electricity or internet connectivity to perform diagnosis.

Simplicity and Accuracy

Infusion of Accuracy

Oculus Cipher® is built to reduce human errors in diagnosis.   
As a support tool to both clinicians, ophthalmologists, opticians and non-professionals; you can detect malarial cases at the earliest stages before it becomes fatal.

For patient safety and medical control, Cipher® is optimized with medical standards.